Pemba Sherpa

Name : Pemba Sherpa

Position: Guide/ communication/Logistic Manager



Pemba Sherpa has been working in the field of tourism since past 8 years. He deluges the office with both administrative and field experience. He has been working as a communication and logistic manager at Adventure Thamserku for the past 5 years.  In general, Pemba take cares of office warehouse, manages communication, transportation and customer services. He manages and allocates office resources as per the need during the treks and expeditions. Also, Any business  related with IT is overseen by Pemba to control the order cycle. Besides that he also leads clients to various field trips at leisure. He is a trained guide and holds a national guide license for trekking in any regions of Nepal.  His modest nature and blameless relationship with locals on the trek makes it more exhilarating to trek with him.